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We deliver some of the best tasting, highest quality water to your business…5 gallons at at time.

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We also have 16.9 ounce bottles for when you’re on the go.  Ask us about customized labels.  Imagine your logo on every bottle you give out.

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We can provide coolers and cups.

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By definition, spring water cannot be processed, meaning it cannot be filtered and no chemicals can be added. But not all Spring Water is the same.  Our well is several hundred feet deep, below limestone protected by the mountains of Tennessee.  This source is one of only two wells East of the Mississippi to be designated as Ancient water.  Ancient water signifies that our source if free from Tritium, a radio-active fallout material which is found in the more superficial springs.  Majestic Springs Water is some of the purest, best tasting water on the planet.  It’s water the way nature intended…untouched by human hands!


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